One said the only thing you can buy that makes you richer is travel. Thus, I decided to go-create my own memories with the world, capture it in photos, write it down then share it to those who has the same interest.

If you are one of them, follow me, go: Explore!

BangkokMay 2018

BKK: the first

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bkk-the-first-chapter bkk-the-first-chapter
TaiwanJune 2017

Bathe in the
Taiwan’s rain.

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bathe-in-the-taiwans-rain bathe-in-the-taiwans-rain
SeoulNovember 2016

가을 Seoul
in the gold shade
of Autumn.

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seoul-in-the-gold-shade-of-autumn seoul-in-the-gold-shade-of-autumn
MalaysiaSeptember 2016

KL: the chaos
& the calm.

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kl-the-chaos-the-calm kl-the-chaos-the-calm