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About me AB-

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Marilyn Monroe
Hey guys!

This is the part where people mostly scan through or even skip out but since you are here, I guess it would be rude not to write something to introduce myself. My name is Dany Nguyen, I have a huge passion for creativity & art in any form. I am full of imagination and constantly trying to make the best out of it.

I was born Hanoian in the year of 1991. I am thankful to be born at that period of time in such a beautiful capital of Vietnam when there was a lot of changes in the society: the industrialisation and modernisation but it still kept its own traditional culture. Therefore, I got lots of influences from both Indochina, Japan and even Western countries like France, the UK or the States.

During my childhood years, I believe all I do is drawing, singing and making stuff out of paper, pencil and crayon or even weird materials such as polystyrene. However, going to school, I tried to be an excellent student to make my parents proud and turns out I am very good at Mathematics. In 2006, I developed my hobby of photography and got involved with Photoshop, somehow it leads

to the event of me quitting my study at AJC university Hanoi and going to study Graphic Design in the UK.

Studying in the UK, I would say that I have grown up here. It does not seem right ‘cause I already spent my first 20 years living in Hanoi but it is truly it. The UK helped me grow so much to the person I am today, out of my old shy shell, to be confident, driven, independent, better in communication besides all the knowledge about art, creative and of course, design. It also helped me value myself and where I came from, provided me what I need to pursue my future career. In late 2014, it was time to say goodbye to England, I flew back home to start my first “non-freelance-job” in the industry.

“Whatever happens tomorrow we've had today.

3 years later, I am now an adopted Saigonese. I moved to Ho Chi Minh City over a year ago to make a big step further in my career journey, becoming an Art Director. There was time I reached the point that I could not develop myself more as a designer and/or a person who does creative in Hanoi. It is the reason why I had to make a move and seek for a better opportunity outside the box.

I couldn’t say living here is easy. In fact, my first year here is tough but I have the chances to do a lot of things that I never do before, and for an adventurous person like me, I don’t like easy things, I am getting fond of this city day by day.

From time to time, I develop my love for travel. Till now, I am so into it, who doesn’t? I believe travelling helps ones’ mind open for all the greatness: knowledge, inspiration and even love.

Some says: “Travelling forms a young man”.

As for me, travel calms my mind when I feel stressful, it eases my soul, helps me find myself when I am lost. I love to capture all the moments, keep all the beautiful memories and experiences when I travel. Thus, I devoted half of my website to write a blog about travel and share it with you guys, who have the common interest. Perhaps, you might find it helpful and interesting to read.

So hang with me for a bit! 

If you are looking for someone to work with in a cool creative project or just simple like a tip in travel, please feel free to stop by and don’t hesitate to drop me a message. I love the community and all of the people I get to splash around with. Thank you so much for your time to read my blog. Dany with One letter N.

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