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Dany Nguyen

Welcome to my best of both worlds, 
where my life I don’t just live, I design.

Welcome to my best of both worlds, where my life I don't just live, I design.


Whatsnew WH-

가을 Seoul
in the gold shade
of Autumn.

Korean | Oct 2016

When all the leaves are painted yellow by fall, Seoul looks magical in the afternoon with a touch of sunshine and the chilly breeze of November. I believe it is winter already but that bright colour just screams autumn to me and I can't take my eyes off of it. It is my second time here, the feelings are different...

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the logo.

Design | June 2017

Version is an annual event held by a school in Hanoi to celebrate the graduation of their students. The logo's required to be modern and young, simple but delicate, minimal but be possible to adapt to different themes every years. It is like making a perfect replaceable canvas to paint on differently but still keeps its identity of an unique canvas.

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KL: the chaos & the calm. Malaysia | July 2016

When you both start and end something special in your life at a same place, this place is going to hold a really special place in your heart. Well if that is true, then Kuala Lumpur is that special place for me.

The tittle of this blog is the same as James Bay's album's. The reason behind it is not only that I kept repeating the "Let It Go" song when I was here but also it describes perfectly what I felt at that moment.
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